Filler for Wrinkles
Using Restylane, Perlane or Aquamid, Hylaform, stabilized hyaluronic acid in the form of a crystal-clear gel injected into problem areas that smoothes wrinkles, folds or gives contour to have a natural beauty lift. Areas such as deep nasolabial fold, laugh lines, mentolabial fold, glabellar frowns, thin lips and depressed corners of the mouth. Also recommended for patients t recommended for patients who want to have full, luscious lips. (Temporary / Permanent)

Augmentation of Depressed Areas
An innovative referred to as the “new collagen” it is act as filling materials injected to elevate or plump up sunken areas to create volume. A touch for correction, shaping and contouring for augmentation of the chin, cheek, temples, lips and buttocks. (Temporary / Permanent)

Botox Treatment
Botox is widely used for the elimination facial wrinkles like frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet or smile lines around the eye. The effect lasts for 3-5 months and may be done 2-3 times year. (P 350/unit)

It is a global visible improvement of skin hydration, structure, appearance and quality. Disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be observed after the treatment proper. After every mesolift of the face Mesomask has to be done to allow the medicine to penetrate deeper into the skin for much long lasting effect. (P 6,000/session)

Mesotherapy is a safe non-invasive procedure, which can be done for abdominal fats, thighs, arms, back and cellulite reduction. Using a gun It involves the injection of a customized mixture of vitamins, the medication inject just millimeters under the skin into problem area. (P 6,000/session)

This involves a series of injections of a drug called Lipostabil into problem areas such as double chin, eyebags, abdominal fats, thighs , arms and back it dissolve fat and take off inches. Although not a replacement for liposuction because it dissolves only small amount of fats, it is perfect for those who want to lose those last five pounds minus the surgery. Branded medicine (P 10,000 /5ml ampule) Generic medicine (P 5,000/ampule)

Bustlift (starvac)
Using suction to stimulate and firm up muscles, Effective in firming sagging breast as well as tightening and lifting the buttocks. (5,000 /session)

Sclerotherapy (varicose vain removal)
A safe and effective treatment for varicosities using the safest solution, which is injected into both large veins and smaller spider veins causing it to collapse and disappear.
(P 6,000 / 1st session) (P1500 /succeeding session)


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Hi Dra. Six. Don’t know if you remember me. We’re planning to go home next year and I’m hoping to visit your clinic. Batchmate tayo sa USTe, sa Tondo-Pritil internship. Paki-accept mo yung invite ko sa FB para malala mo ako. Magpapapogi sana. You still look like the same Six from college. Congratulations!

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